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Example of mediation

Discrimination in accessing services


  • Stephen, who has a disability, went to the emergency room with his service dog. He was examined and informed that he would need to be hospitalized, but that his dog could not stay with him.
  • Stephen filed a complaint with the Commission for discrimination on the basis of a disability or a means to palliate a disability.

What the Commission did for Stephen

1. The Commission suggested mediation

  • After determining that Steven’s complaint was admissible, the Commission suggested he consider mediation instead of an investigation.
  • Stephen accepted this option.
  • The Commission then organized a meeting with a hospital official, a mediator from the Commission, and Stephen.
  • The hospital acknowledged that it had misjudged the situation.

2. The Commission asked the hospital to apologize to Stephen and pay him financial compensation for the harm and inconvenience he had experienced.


  • Stephen received an apology and financial compensation from the hospital.
  • The hospital made a donation to the MIRA Foundation and introduced a policy to improve access for guide dogs and other service dogs.