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Service dogs and guide dogs

The courts have recognized that service dogs and guide dogs as a means of palliating a disability. The first court decision in Québec which upheld the prohibition of discriminating against persons who use a guide dog dates back to 1982.

English language translations are provided when available.

2020  |  La Commission remporte un jugement pour un couple et leur fils en démontrant au Tribunal des droits de la personne qu'ils ont été victimes de discrimination sur la base du moyen de pallier un handicap dans le cadre de la signature d’un bail de location.  Le propriétaire a été condamné à verser plus de 13 940 $ aux trois victimes.

2015  |   The Québec Court of Appeal finds that the parents of a child with a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) who use a service dog to palliate its disability are protected by the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and must have access to public places when accompanied by the dog, even in the absence of the child.

2013  | In cooperation with the Fondation Mira, the Commission releases an information leaflet on service dogs and guide dogs. (This leaflet is no longer available)

2011  |  The Commission concludes that Service dogs for children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) constitute a means to palliate a disability.

2007  |  The Commission finds that a service dog is a means to palliate the disability of a deaf or hearing impaired person.

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Did you know?

The courts have established that disabled people can choose the means of their choice to compensate their disability, whether a service dog, a wheelchair or both means.

Discriminated against because of her guide dog

Discriminated against by a gym owner because of the presence of her guide dog, Gracia went all the way to the Human Rights Tribunal to have her rights recognized.

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