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For more information about your rights and your children's rights in the current context, see the FAQs and resources on the page Your rights and COVID-19. Please note that all of our services continue to be offered online or by phone, even though all staff members are teleworking.

Your rights and COVID-19
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    Political rights

    Your political rights are guaranteed by the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.
    • You have the right to vote and to be a candidate in an election (as provided by law).
      For example, if you are 18 or over, a Canadian citizen and have been living in Québec for at least 6 months, you have the right to vote for your member at the National Assembly.

    • You have the right to present your views and demands in a petition to the National Assembly.
      For example, you have a right to sign a petition asking that a law you find unfair is changed or revoked.

    Learn more about the Charter